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How Much Light Does My Indoor Plant Need?

How Much Light Does My Indoor Plant Need?
How Much Light Does My Indoor Plant Need?

Indoor grow lights have allowed homeowners to grow different crops without utilizing any natural light. However, each plant requires different amounts of light, which means the best grow light may vary from crop to crop— this refers to both the light levels and hours per day.

Some plants are much more light-hungry than others. When looking at light intensities that different plants require, it is measured in Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD). PPFD is the amount of light that reaches the plant canopy that is useful for growth; therefore, it does not include light spillage or photons that are not within the effective range. You can read our article Measuring the Light Output of LED Grow Lights, which elaborates on how light is measured by plant growth and grow lights.

Plants need both light and darkness in their growth cycle. Light helps photosynthesis, and without it helps respiration. Both are necessary processes to maximize growth. However, different plants require different amounts of time in light and darkness.

Horticulture Grow Lights

Our LED grow lights are a great light source for all types of plants and horticultural use because of their optimal full-spectrum light output. 

VOLT Grow® offers a compact 440W VL-1 grow light that is a perfect option for low and high-light plants, leafy greens, and fruiting vegetables because of its integrated dimming control. Many universities use the VL-1 in their horticulture research and are happy with its performance.

University of Arizona’s Ravi Palanivelu considers them the best grow lights for tomatoes that he has used. You can read more about this in our article VOLT Grow®: Supporting University Horticulture Research

Our more powerful 720W FL-1 grow light is one of the best grow lights due to its extremely high light output of 2000umol/s. Learn more about our top LED grow lights to start your indoor garden, regardless of what crop you are growing!