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Comparing LED Vs HPS Grow Room Light Costs

Comparing LED Vs HPS Grow Room Light Costs
Comparing LED Vs HPS Grow Room Light Costs

In the beginning, LED grow lights lacked intensity, were expensive, and did not include the optimal light spectrum for plant growth, making HPS the superior lighting option.

Now that LED technology has matured and advanced, that paradigm has flipped. LED lights are now full-spectrum and extremely powerful, allowing them to match or exceed the yields of traditional HPS lights. Furthermore, LED lights save growers money in the long run— they use less electricity, reduce cooling costs, are eligible for rebates that reduce the upfront cost, and do not have to be replaced annually like HPS lights.

The big question is, how much money would you save from using LEDs versus HPS lights in your grow room? Using VOLT Grow® LED lights, you would save roughly 30% on electricity costs, 35% on AC cooling costs, 100% on lamp replacement costs, in addition to potentially getting back 20-70% of your upfront lighting costs in rebates. In the first year, these savings would already make up for the higher upfront premium cost of the LED fixtures. Over the next 5-years, these recurring savings would save you 30% of operations costs, which doesn’t include the added value of increased yields from getting a higher average of Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD).

Operation Costs of Grow Room Lights

Check out this real-life scenario comparing two 20-light grow rooms. One grow room uses all VOLT Grow® 720W FL-1 LED Grow Lights, and the other uses standard 1000W DE HPS lights. The data below was gathered from different lighting plans showing the differences in wattage, heat, AC, PPFD, and the costs associated with each grow room. After the first year, the amount you would save from operating costs would already make up for the higher upfront cost of the LED lights. After 5-years, you could save around $24,400, which is 30% of your costs!


Electricity Savings

LEDs have much higher efficacy than HPS lights. LEDs are much more efficient than HPS lamps, which allows them to use lesser watts to achieve the same or higher output.

The VOLT Grow® 720W FL-1 light produces a higher light output than a standard 1000W HPS light while using 30% less power. LED grow lights lowers the total amp average, save you money on your electricity bill, and allow you to have more grow lights in your facility without upgrading your electrical system.

AC Savings

LEDs are passively cooled and give off much less heat than HPS lamps. The VOLT Grow® 720W FL-1 gives off nearly 40% less heat than a 1000W HPS light, which allows you to save immensely on cooling costs. This factor is for hotter climates where AC is required to lower the room temperature. In colder climates, this allows you to use a centralized heating unit rather than relying on the HPS lamps for heat, which is not consistent or controlled.

Grow Light Replacement Savings

LED grow lights have a much longer life expectancy than HPS lamps. LED lights can last for 50,000 hours, which is about 10-years of use, compared to HPS lamps that need changing after only about 8-12 months. Annually replacing $60-100 bulbs; and the labor required with it is a recurring cost that adds up over time, especially for large facilities with thousands of lights.

Rebate Savings

Utility companies offer rebates for cultivators that use approved LED grow lights. Whereas; HPS lights are not eligible for rebates because they use significantly more power. Utility companies want to promote energy-efficient practices and incentivize people to switch to LED lights by offering money back.

The amount will depend on your specific local utility company’s guidelines. You can have anywhere from 20% to 90% of the total cost of your LED grow lights purchase refunded. To earn rebates for your lights, they need to be Design Lights Consortium  (DLC) or ENERGY STAR certified. You must have them approved by your utility company before purchasing them. All VOLT Grow® lights are DLC listed and approved for rebates.

LED Vs HPS Grow Room LightLED Vs HPS Grow Room Light





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LED vs HPS Grow Room Light Costs Calculations

Calculations Costs
Upfront Cost

FL-1: $650/unit x 20 units = $13,000

HPS: $300/unit x 20 units = $6,000

Electricity Cost Per Year

FL-1: $0.12 energy cost x 12hrs/day x 720W x 20 units x 365 days = $7,570

HPS: $0.12 energy cost x 12hrs/day x 1000W x 20 units x 365 days = $10,500

AC Cost Per Year

FL-1: 5-Ton AC Unit Cost = $3,500 + ($0.59/hr x 12hrs x 365 days) = ~$2,500

HPS: 7-Ton AC Unit Cost = $5,000 + ($0.88/hr x 12hrs x 365 days) = ~$3,800

Rebates FL-1: 30% rebate on $13,000 lighting cost = $3,900
Lamp Replacements HPS: $60 x 20 units = $1,200